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Can you make me go viral?

“I want to go viral!”

So much of the media about social media showcases brands that "go viral." Because of this, it's easy to feel like going viral means

success – success in social media strategy and success for you business growth.

With the right content, your sales would go through the roof, you'd get a shout out on the morning news and your business would be full of customers.

Can those things happen? Sure they can.

But social media strategy is not contingent on if you go viral. In fact, a post that gets high engagement for the wrong reasons can skew your metrics without positively impacting your financial bottom line.

Here are a few examples of when a viral post is probably going to be meaningless to your growth:

- Your employees jumping on the bandwagon of the latest TikTok trend and getting lots of likes and laughs for the video

- A product demo from an influencer that fails to tell people where to purchase from YOU and instead drives to their own website or other content

- Any post that gets a high number of likes, comments and shares from people who will never visit your location or need your business

Instead of worrying about how to go viral, a successful social strategy should focus on how to find the audience who needs you, serves content to that audience consistently and frequently, and tells them specifically what action they should take.

Want to learn how we do that? Contact me for a free consultation by completing the form at the bottom of the home page.

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