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Hello. I'm Amy.

My Story

I'm not sure if I'm more proud or shocked to share with you that I've been working in media and marketing for 20 years!  I began my career in journalism, and storytelling is still the heart of what I do. 

Facebook hit the internet when I was in journalism school, when you could only join if you used a college email address! 

My career in journalism soon crossed into public relations and marketing, and over the past two decades I've been honored to work in a wide variety of industries and businesses, creating award-winning campaigns, celebrating milestones, and navigating crises.  

I started Simply Social because I believe ALL businesses deserve access to the tools and expertise that it takes to grow your brand.  As a small business owner, you don't need to take on the expense of a large-scale marketing agency.  Advertising expenses can be tricky to understand, and if you're not really building the right tactics, you'll often reach audiences far outside of those who are truly potential customers.  And most of all - you're running a business! You know you need marketing, but you just don't have time! 

That's where I can help.  I lend my expertise to you to set goals for your growth and create social media campaigns that reach your target audience directly.  Need more than just social media support?  I can help with that, too.  But it all comes at a fraction of the cost you'll pay in billable hours to a full-scale agency.  

It's simple.  It works.  Your success is my success!


If you'd like to chat more about how Simply Social can help your business grow, I'd love to hear from you!


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