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Our Process

Marketing, made easy.


First, I want to know what keeps you up at night.   What are your dreams and goals for your business?  What’s not working as well as you’d like?  What’s keeping potential customers from finding you or buying your highest-margin products?

Then, we’ll work together to understand your ideal audience.  Who are your current customers?  Who is not currently walking in the door that should be?

With your goals and audience defined, I’ll show you who you SHOULD be reaching on social platforms, and establish a strategic plan to build frequency and consistency through paid content.

Then, we’ll decide how much money each month you feel comfortable spending on social strategy and scale the plan accordingly. 


With strategy set, I’ll work with you annually and monthly on content.  We’ll discuss what YOU need to push throughout the year.  I’ll design social ads that align with your brand and vision.  You’ll approve all content before it launches.  Throughout each month, I’ll monitor your brand’s activity to ensure paid content is performing as expected and respond to any customer feedback in real time.


Once per month, we’ll meet to review the performance of your paid advertising.  I’ll want to hear feedback on what happened in the business, too!  Did more people visit your location? Did sales increase?  Our efforts should result in a positive impact on your business over time!  Then, we’ll review our content strategy for the next month and make any needed changes.

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