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No minimum spend or unexpected fees here.

With Simply Social, there’s no stress over billable hours, project fees, or having a large budget to reach enough people. 


Paid Advertising:

Your plan is scaled to what you can afford.  If you are trying paid advertising on social media for the first time, it can be intimidating to invest a large budget - and that's okay! 

The fee is 20 percent of your spend plus a one-time $50 charge for graphic design to create the visual for your ad. 

Social Media Management:

No time to post?  Forgetting to post consistently?  We can take that work off your plate!  We charge a flat monthly rate to manage the organic (non-paid) posts on your Instagram and Facebook accounts with 2-3 posts per week, generating quality, relevant content and visuals. 

The fee to manage accounts is $300 per month.

Business Consult

Just need a little help elevating your current tactics? Book a one-hour consult to review your pages and current strategies.  We'll talk through your questions and make recommendations on how to boost your brand to the next level! 

The business consult fee is $50 per hour.  

Not Sure What You Need?  We'll talk through your needs at no charge! 

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