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Does a Little Social Strategy Help? Ask Art

Client testimony from Art Netherton, Las Vegas small business owner

In 2014 we opened a small family store in Las Vegas. We did not face the major street, but the side street of the center in a small retail footprint. We were struggling to get a following to make a go of it. We all lamented that “if we could just sell one or two units a day we could make it.”

Soon we were just a few months away from running out of cash. Amy came to see us and developed a simple but very effective plan to help us get our name out in a very competitive market.

Amy’s expertise and guidance worked. Within a few weeks we saw a major improvement in floor traffic. Our appearance across all social media platforms was measurable as we polled customers. Within a year we were rapidly outgrowing our small space and that wish for one or two units a day became a solid flow of sales.

Forward two years later, we moved to an 1100-square-foot store front on one of the busiest major streets in Las Vegas. With Amy’s continued help, one year later we took over the unit next to us and doubled the size of the store. Now we are one of the busiest, most well-known local names in the Las Vegas metro area.

I firmly believe that without the expertise, guidance and hard work of Amy, we would have gone the way of many start-ups. I would highly recommend Amy for her expertise in marketing any product or business.

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